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Axios was started with a simple idea: to give customers the best value and customer service in the server world. Anyone can offer dedicated and so called "cloud" services, but what is lacking is the true understanding of the underpinnings of the hardware, the virtualization engine, the disk and memory subsystems, and the network that connects all the services that make a system complete. From the initial configuration, through the complete disaster recovery plan and testing, we can assist in every facet of your needs. John and Tom have been working in the computing resources business for over 20 years, providing customer solutions for customers in a diverse number of industries. The word Axios is a Greek word for worthy. Here at Axios Hosting our goal is to be worthy of your business. You take the best products, the best practices, and the best people -- provide a real customer experience committed to excellence. It is with singular vision in mind that we decided to move into our own space and bring service back to the business. We want you to be thrilled.
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